New Year’s Eve Charcuterie Cheeseboard

My Outfit Details: DRESS Cheetah Print Pink Dress // JACKET Beige Cocoon Coat // BRACELET Gold Link Bracelet // BOOTS Pointed Toe Boots

I honestly can not believe that 2020 is coming to an end. Oddly enough, this year has felt like both the shortest and longest year ever. If we weren’t celebrating at home, this would be my outfit. I will most likely hold onto this dress for a future Valentine’s Day celebration. Personally, we will be ringing in the new in our pajamas with some scrumptious food and our favorite pack of sparkling seltzers. I am actually looking forward to a relaxing celebration. Yesterday, I created a New Year’s Eve themed cheeseboard to help provide some fun “staying-in” inspiration.

CHEESEBOARD DETAILS: PLATTER Wooden Cheeseboard Tray // UTENSILS Cheeseboard Knives // COOKIE CUTTERS Mini Alphabet and Number Cookie Cutters // GLITTER Edible Gold Star Glitter

For this New Year’s Eve cheeseboard, most cheeseboard food items were purchased from Trader Joe’s. I snapped a picture of my cart so that you can see my shopping list and what I purchased. I used sugar cookie mix and alphabet/number cookie cutters to create the letters. It was beyond delicious and it was super simple to make. I even sprinkled edible star glitter on some of the cheeses to give the board a more “New Year’s Eve” feel. I will definitely be making more holiday themed cheeseboards in the future.

I hope you have a blessed New Year’s Eve celebration. If you decide to celebrate with a yummy cheeseboard, I hope you enjoy 🙂

With Love,


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