Things to Do in Solvang, CA

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Last weekend, we went on a weekend getaway to Solvang, CA. I had not been to Solvang in a little under two decades, but I remembered loving my trip to Solvang even when I was about eight years old. I wanted to compile a list of all of the yummy and delicious places that we went. Every single place we went was amazing at following the 2020 COVID guidelines. If we weren’t sitting down at a restaurant of winery, masks were present.

*Where did we stay: Mirabelle Inn in Solvang

The Mirabelle Inn is an adorable boutique hotel right outside the main downtown area. We were able to walk to the downtown shops in a few minutes. It also has a super cute restaurant that served food at night. We did not eat at the restaurant, but it is definitely on my list for the next time we visit.

*Saturday Adventures

  • Breakfast at Succulent Cafe: This place was amazing! I ordered the Bourbon Vanilla French Toast (10 out of 10!) My husband ordered “The Succulent Biscuit”. After seeing the amazing biscuit his meal came with, I also ordered one. Yum!
  • Winery #1 Shoestring Winery: We went to two wineries on our trip. This one was very relaxed and it was super cute. We did not have a reservation, but we had no problem finding a table. If you go around the back of the barn, you will also find THE CUTEST goats.
  • Winery #2 Pence Vineyard: This winery was a little up the way in Buellton, CA. For this location, you need a reservation. There were dozens of little tables set up throughout the property for socially distanced wine tasting. For our reservation, we also ordered the individually packaged cheese boards. I was in heaven!
  • Candy Shop Visit at Swedish Candy Factory: My husband is Swedish, so we made sure to visit this adorable little shop. We picked up a ton of Polkagris, which are delicious Swedish hard taffy. We’ve been eating them all week.
  • Dinner at Leonardo’s: This restaurant was the talk of the town. Every time we asked a local about recommendations, this place was always mentioned. You wouldn’t expect much from this restaurant just by looking at a picture of the location, but do not let the strip mall location deter you from going. The Italian food we ordered was delicious! I ordered spaghetti and my husband ordered pizza. Both menu items were super yummy.

Sunday Adventures

  • Breakfast Paula’s Pancake House: Warning! If you are going to go here, go early! The wait can get very long. Paula’s has a traditional diner feel, with a Danish twist. I ordered the Danish Pancakes with strawberries. My husband ordered his Danish Pancakes with cinnamon apples. We had to be rolled out of this place with how full we were after our meal.
  • Visiting the Ostriches at Ostrichland: I love animals, so this was definitely a highlight of our trip. At this unique farm, you get to feed 100+ emus and ostriches. After visiting this place, I can now check “Feed an ostrich” off my bucket list.
  • Yummy Treats called Abebleskivers: If you leave Solvang without getting an Abeleskiver, you failed! This is what the town is known for. The place that we got ours does not have a website, but it was located in the main downtown area. In fact, you can find these Danish pancake balls all over town. The ones that we ordered came with raspeberry jam and powdered sugar. Yum!

If you are planning a trip to Solvang, CA, I hope you enjoy these amazing recommendations! We are definitely planning a trip up to Solvang again for in the near future.

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