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If you were not aware, I have been a vegetarian for about 25% of my life! It is a personal choice that I made since I do not like the taste of texture of meat. In the past year of my food journey, I have also started to incorporate some dairy-free products into my diet.

Since many people are starting to transition over to plant based or dairy free diets, I wanted to recommend some food products that I love. It is important to note that none of the products in this post are sponsored. Instead, I am sharing products that I truly love to eat!

1. MIYOKO’s Vegan Butter: This butter is both plant based and dairy free. It is made out of cashew cream. I would be remiss to not mention how DELICIOUS this butter tastes. I have always been a huge fan of butter. This butter tastes even better than the classic stuff. It is a definitely a “must try” in my book. This company also makes other products, like cream cheese. I will be aiming to try those products soon.

2. MALK Almond Milk: For the past ten years, I have drunk a full glass of milk. Eek, I can’t do it anymore. The taste and consistency is not something that I enjoy. I do still use milk when cooking, making smoothies, etc.  This brand of almond milk is a dairy-free alternative. It is the only milk alternative that I have found that is also “gum free.” Most milk alternatives use gum as a preservative. This brand does not! Being completely honest though, this brand is $$$.

3. NutPods Coffee Creamer: About a month ago, I made the transition over to this brand of coffee creamer. If I am being completely honest though, this was a hard transition. I LOVE flavorful and sweet coffee creamers. This type of coffee creamer is fairly bland and not very sweet. One month into the transition though, I am starting to enjoy the taste. The just ordered the flavor that I linked here. It is limited edition and called, “Cinnamon Swirl.”

4. Power Crunch Protein Energy Bars (not vegan, but plant-diet friendly). These protein bars literally taste like a candy bar. They are crunchy and super tasty. When you are craving a chocolate bar, these are a great alternative! These are BY FAR the best tasting protein bar I have EVER had.

5. GoMarco Vegan Protein Bars: If you are looking for a vegan protein bar, this one is for you! These have a bunch of yummy flavors. I usually purchase mine at Trader Joes because I have found that they have a wide selection of flavors.

6. HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs in ‘Bohemian Barbecue’  : Wowza, these are absolutely amazing! I am warning you now, you will finish the whole bag if you don’t portion them out. My husband even loves these–so I count that as a wife win! We have tried several of the other flavors, but we keep going back to the “Bohemian Barbecue” flavor. They are vegan and contain a decent amount of protein for a snack. Enjoy!

I definitely have plenty of other recommendations, but I think that is enough for now 🙂 I will definitely do other posts in the future with plant based, vegan, dairy-free product recommendations! Enjoy 🙂


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