What I Have Been Up to During COVID-19 Quarantine


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We are officially Day 10 (I think?) into our city wide shutdown due to COVID-19. Two weeks today, the school district that I teach for shut down for the time being. We are expected to return back to school one month before our district’s summer vacation, but now that is even looking doubtful.

I wanted to come on here and document what I have been doing during these times at home. I’m going to share the recipes I’ve tried, the books I have read, and other exciting life updates!

What I have been doing during quarantine… 

#1: Graduate School: I started my online graduate school program last week. I finished my first week of classes yesterday. I really can’t help but think how perfect the timing was in starting my program. I am grateful for something to focus on during this scary time.

#2: Reading: I will be doing a “Book Review/Recommendation” blog post next week, but I wanted to share the book that I am currently reading and loving! I am nose deep into the novel, Crazy Rich Asians, by Kevin Kwan. Holy cow, this book is amazing! It is a fun light-hearted read that keeps you entertained. I am also loving the fact that I am learning about another culture.

#3: Baking: I made these cookies: Rachel Parcell’s Family Cookie Recipe. These cookies were delicious. She gives you on option of either using banana or coconut. We tried coconut this time, but I will definitely be making them again to try out the banana version. A real quick tip: This recipe makes A LOT of cookies–about 35 large cookies. If you want to make a smaller amount, either: (A) Cut the recipe in half, or (B) make the full recipe and freeze half of the dough.

#4: Cleaning: I definitely have not been deep cleaning my whole house like some people have been, but I did clean out my spice cabinet! Did you know that spices expire? I didn’t realize that until I was reaching for a particular spice and it had an expiration date reaching back until early 2018. Eek! I went through the cabinet and chucked about 25% of our spices.

#5: Online Learning/Teaching: Now this is the endeavor that has been taking up the majority of my time. We started online learning the Monday after our school was closed. That means that I only had one weekend to prepare to teach my twenty-five little kiddos entirely online. It was chaos. I am finally into my rhythm of teaching online and I think my kiddos are too. For all of you teachers out there, I have found teaching and posting assignments through Google Classroom to be the most helpful. I keep Google Classroom up on my computer throughout the day so I can responds to the questions they post in the comments. We also had our first Google Hangout Video Class Meeting today. It was about as chaotic as you would imagine it to be. I loved every minute of it though 🙂


I will definitely keep you updated on the things I do in the weeks to come. Hopefully these types of posts will spark some ideas for you as well! Stay healthy <3

With Love,


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