my must haves for half marathon training


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My half-marathon is a little less than one week from today. Quite frankly, the nerves are definitely starting to kick in. I’ve been training for a little over three months now, so ready or not! I wanted to share some of my favorite training items that I have used these past few months of training.

1. Running Belt: This is the running belt I use to store back-up headphones, my phone, pepper spray (just in case), and my house key in. The band is adjustable and I love the under $10 price tag.

2. ChubRub Anti-Chafing Stick: 100% transparency here–I struggle with chafing while running. I’ve always had larger muscular legs, so an anti-chafe stick is a must. This is a literal lifesaver during my seven mile runs.

3. Apple Airpods: These were a gift from my husband last Christmas and I have loved using them on my runs. I stream my Spotify playlist through these. The wireless feature on these make it so that an annoying cord doesn’t get in the way while running!

4. Workout Resistance Bands: Strength training is important in preventing injuries while training. I look up resistance band training exercises online to know what exercises to do with these! I will use these 2-3 times a week.

5. Stretch Band: Wowza, I have loved using this stretch band after long runs. I have always struggled with IT Band pain and this really helps with that. The band also comes with a booklet containing targeted stretches and exercises.

6. Pink Foam Roller: Foam rolling is another great tool to use to relieve soreness. This one comes in a bunch of different colors. The multi-tear foam levels also helps to provide a deep muscle massage that relieves so much soreness!


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