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My Outfit Details: DRESS Leopard Print Maxi // EARRINGS Kendra Scott Stone Studded Earrings // NECKLACE Dainty Gold Necklace (similar linked) // SHOES Black Ankle-Strap Sandals // PURSE Tory Burch Crossbody Purse

Welcome to the new and improved, The Teacup of Style!

For the past handful of months, I have been reflecting upon the direction I wanted my blog to go. I felt stagnant when it came to the growth of my blog. I wasn’t feeling inspired to produce as much content because of the lack of growth. It truly felt like an endless cycle that I wanted to get out of.

I finally decided to do something that I wish I would have done at the start of my blogging career almost four years ago: have the The Teacup of Style be under the WordPress domain.

My blog was birthed on Blogger, and I am grateful for the platform. In the back of my mind though, I always felt as if Blogger was very limiting in various ways. Without going into too much detail, WordPress gives you so much more power when it comes to creativity and design. I decided to switch over and begin setting up my blog over on WordPress. Sadly, that meant that I had to leave all of my old posts behind on the Blogger platform because I am unable to afford the monstrous migration cost of switching all of my content over–but nonetheless, a risk I am willing to take.

With my rebranding, I also wanted to focus on more than just fashion and style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good outfit as much as the next girl . . . but I truly feel led to start sharing more about my life as a teacher and fitness related topics. Fashion posts will still continue to be my “Bread and Butter” posts, but I am excited to dabble in a couple new categories. I feel that it is time for The Teacup of Style to grow in a more authentic and new direction, and I feel that it go only grow when I start to share more about my personal interests.

So as I said before, welcome to the new and improved The Teacup of Style. I’m glad you are here!

With Love,


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